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Four Benefits to Buying a Demo Car

Whether you need another car for your spouse or are buying one for a child who has just earned their licence, buying a used car can often be a better choice than purchasing a new one. Most dealerships sell a variety of used, demonstrator, and certified used cars from which to choose. Here are four benefits of buying a demo car.

What Is a Demo Car?

A demonstrator or demo car is a vehicle selected by the dealership to be taken out on test drives by potential buyers. It is a new car, usually the current model of a popular car on the dealer’s lot. It is kept ready to test drive, so if someone wants to drive a certain model, they can take out the demo vehicle.

When the demo car gets a certain number of kilometres on it or new models are shipped to the dealer, they will sell their demo cars. If you are looking at some of the used cars for sale in Canberra, you should consider the benefits of buying a demo car.

Saves Money

Since it is a new model of a bestselling or popular vehicle, the buyer gets the car at a great price, because the dealer cannot sell it at full price due to it having been driven. The buyer gets a new vehicle at a deep discount with most of the warranty still intact. They may also be able to receive any of the current incentives the manufacturer is offering on the car model, such as special discounts.

Comes with a Car Warranty

Most car warranties last for a certain number of kilometres or years, so the warranty of a demo car is usually still available. While there may be up to, and usually no more than, 10,000 kilometres already on the vehicle, the car is covered by the bulk of the warranty. This means that if something were to malfunction on the car, it will most likely be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and repaired at little to no cost to you.

Kept in Good Condition

A demo car needs to be ready to test drive at any time, so the dealership keeps them in good repair. They are always mechanically inspected, washed, and kept cleaned inside, so that the car is ready to be driven by the next potential buyer. Since it has already been driven, the vehicle has had the “bugs” worked out of it, so someone who buys a demo vehicle usually won’t need to worry about mechanical failures.

No Waiting

There can be a waiting list when buying a new model of a popular vehicle. Instead of waiting for another shipment of a model to arrive at the dealership, you can buy a demonstrator if you are not insistent on having a certain colour.

Since a demo car is considered a new vehicle by most lenders, you can get financing for the car, insure it, and drive it off the lot on the same day if you are prepared. A demo vehicle is a great way to buy a new car if you don’t mind owning a test-driven vehicle.

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